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About Sell My House Quickly

Who are we?

We started buying a second property quickly when some family members got into trouble. They had tied themselves in financial knots trying to keep their property but ultimately just couldn’t afford to keep making the payments. We stepped in to ensure they safeguarded their equity and helped them take back control of their lives by selling on their terms and timing rather than someone else’s – in this case the bank’s. No bank or estate agent was equipped to offer the solution we offered them, so we had to come up with a unique solution that worked for everyone. It is no exaggeration to say that they got their lives back.

We love property. Buying, selling or just talking about it. When people get in touch with this we are more than happy just to chat about their situation if that is all we do. We want people to have a good experience of having worked with us in a week, a month, a year or ten years time. We want you to use us again and recommend us to your friends and family. We know how much you will have invested – both financially and emotionally – in a house so do not take this help lightly.